My Birthday Month

April is a special month for me. The obvious being it’s my birthday month!  Along with a few other family celebrations including my father’s, and my younger brother’s birthdays. Fun fact, my brother was born on my father’s birthday 10 days after mine. Because my family has a lot to celebrate in April, my birthday month is filled with memories. Many folks are always top of mind during this time of year; a few of them are no longer with me. Remembering sweeter moments is how I like to keep them close by.

My Love for Cake

Aunt Brenda, the lady on the left in the first square above, was many wonderful things. One of her talents was cake decorating. My “Aunt B” learned this skill simply by looking at pictures in cookbooks; decorating one cake after another. Her work stretched across all realms; celebrating births, weddings, anniversaries, showers, graduations… April was an especially busy month for her. If I had a dollar for every cake she mastered…Oh, my!!! But what I do have is her love for cake.

The cakes above are a few of my own creations inspired of course by my aunt. My kids and a few friends can all say they have over indulged on just my icing alone. Auntie B passed down her recipe for buttercream and I have whipped up many a batch since becoming a mom. Every time I lick the beater I think of her. I remember sitting on her counter, skinny legs dangling, quietly watching her work. Patiently waiting to see what would be left over: hoping for a spoonful or two. If I was lucky.

My Heart Pulls a Little

Those memories are a few decades old now. They flood upon me during this time of year. My heart pulls a little when I think of her. But it also fills with a pouring of love; with a million great licks of icing behind me. And every year, during spring awakening, something will pass my eye that will make me think of her even more. I hear a slight whisper as her spirit breezes through.

This time around, her presence was felt while scrolling through my social media feed. The set below not only caught my eye, it grabbed my heart. I instantly double tapped the picture to show my love. Then I went straight from Instagram to Your Vintage Kitchen.

Your Vintage Kitchen

Your Vintage Kitchen is an Etsy shop that prides itself on “curated classics and timeworn treasures.” It is also the place where I spied this cake and cookie decorating kit. Of course, you know who came to mind as soon as I saw it. I scooped this set up for only $15.00. Happy birthday to me!!!

That’s right. This lovely set inspired me in a very big way. I wanted to feel even closer to my aunt, so I baked myself a cake. I experimented with a new healthy recipe that I created all on my own. But, I kept her recipe the same for the icing. I share this cake recipe in another blog, but the icing, well…sorry. That one stays with me. It feels more special that way.

With a chocolate cake made from scratch and a cup of tea brewed strong, I sat down with another vintage piece. This one reminds me of Big Nan. I instantly think of roast beef dinner when I look at the dinner plate.

These dishes help set the stage for another time in my life. Your Vintage Kitchen has also agreed to help me find more of these pieces. One of the many wonderful services she can provide from her virtual kitchen. This lady loves going on a treasure hunt.

Giveaway Time

Break out your smartphones, it is giveaway time! From my kitchen to yours, the lovely Krista from Your Vintage Kitchen has provided my readers with a special 20% discount code for her online store. Use RHDowns when checking out. And…

Photo c/o Upsplash_Pavan_Trikutam

Share your favourite kitchen memory in the comments below for your chance to win a $25.00 credit from Your Vintage Kitchen. This contest closes once my birthday month is complete (April 30, 2017). Krista and I will do a draw for the winner on May 1, 2017.

Gratitude Time: A big thank you to Krista for donating this great prize and discount. Check out her blog at Halitrax, after you read mine of course.

Another big thank you goes out to ECM Media for bringing our blogger tribe together at Dean’s Flower’s for a photography workshop with Matt from Fade to White Photography and Fuji Instax, North America. The flower arrangement used in the pictures above were inspired by many wonderful people.