Why Monat

For as long as I can remember I have hated my hair. Oh yes, there are many hair stories that have ended with me in tears. From my high school graduation right on up to my wedding day. My cousin Trudy has been there for most of them. She worked as a stylist for a long time. Once she gave me a perm and only half my hair actually took the curl. I cried for days.

My hair is not full or glamourous. Just limp and thin. I have had more bad hair days than good. Until now. Until Monat. Why Monat? Well, because it really friggin’ works. That’s why.

Top 3 Reasons Why Monat is Amazing

1. It is all natural baby!

Modern NatureMONAT SAYS NO:

Monat is a naturally-based hair care products that has only been in Canada for 10 months. It is gluten free, organic, free from sulfates, parabens, harsh salt systems, phthalates, harmful colors, PEG, harmful fragrances, and DEA/MEA. Reading labels is important; I read EVERYTHING! Making better choices for my family is more important to me than ever before. I want to be a grandma someday people. I want to make sure that what my kids are eating and using does not come with ingredients they cannot even pronounce. Gettin’ Fresh with R.H. Downs is all about making healthier choices and Monat is for sure one of them.

2. It really works!


The most common thing I used to say about my hair before using Monat is “It never grows!” And it doesn’t, not very much anyway. I get two haircuts a year. One in April, and one in December. In just one month of using only Monat, my hair has grown as much as it does in six months. It is that good. Not to mention how strong and shiny it looks. And I do not have to wash it every friggin’ day. Score. My blond highlights from April look better than they did when I first got them. And I cannot stop running my fingers through my hair. I even like pulling on it a little. Heehee

3. Monat takes care of its own!


Every month Monat manages to come up great incentives and ways to give back to its VIP’s and Market Partners, like me! Not only do they offer everyone a 30 money back guarantee, but they reward their┬ácustomers and sales team regularly. This month a free trip to Las Vegas was announced! Hell ya, I’d like to go to Vegas!!!

I always feel supported, inspired and rewarded for doing something that makes me feel good about myself. I love spreading the word about Monat. If you would like to know more please reach out. I always have something great to say about Monat.