Treat Yourself Like a QueenFebruary is finally behind me

Happy to see it go. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. The last two weeks included the flu then colds, fleas, sleepless nights, and general irritability all around. I needed Mary Poppins to visit to help end the suffer-RAGE!!!

I am tired of it all, the news, the germs, I am just plain fraking TURRRRRRDDDD! And I feel like one too. Which is why it is so important to take the time to treat myself like a Queen!

Treat yourself like a QueenI started my day by breaking out my home barista set. It is so pretty. I love the quality of the french press and milk frother. Easy to clean, and easy to love. These are both Epicure products. Yes, I am a consultant. The barista set is one of the reasons I signed up. I couldn’t afford to pay full price. But as a rep, I can earn products for free, earn an income on top of that and make great coffee every day of the week.

Treat Yourself Like a Queen

On extra special days, like Queen day, I make myself a creamy pumpkin spiced latte. Epicure supplies yummy seasonings that help take my hot beverage to a premium level. The pumpkin spice can be made into a latte syrup or used for baking. Win, win!

WafflesSpeaking of baking, carbs were necessary. Thankfully Epicure has my back when it comes to making great waffles. No cast iron grill required. Their silicone mold is a breeze to use. And it is much easier to clean and store than a waffle maker. Plus, their recipe is hard to beat. I did, however, modify it a little to make a powered up version. Red Velvet to be exact. If you want the recipe, please follow the link.

Lunch for a lady

The best part of starting the day with protein enhanced waffles is that they kept me completely satisfied until lunch time. Once my belly started rumbling I was ready for more yummy food, which was once again supplied by Epicure. The What’s For Dinner Butter Chicken seasoning makes it easy to enjoy delicious food any day of the week. My delicious lunch was made in less than twenty minutes.Epicure Butter Chicken

Supper like a Pauper

Supper/dinner consisted of nachos! Yip, I loaded them up with all my favourite toppings and dug in like a hungry pauper. NachosThey are not very royal but hey, I didn’t have to compromise by leaving off toppings that other family members didn’t like. That’s right, I took this day and ate what I wanted without taking anyone else’s likes or dislikes into consideration. Selfish yes, but necessary. There are times when I won’t eat because I am not in the mood for what everyone else wants. But not on Queen day.

Queen ReneeBeing selfish once in a while doesn’t hurt anyone. In fact, it is important to take the time to spoil yourself once in a while. To prove that ya, you are worth it. Do it, take a day just for you. The best part about being Queen for a day is knowing that I can choose that day when I need it most. February did me in, but March has started off on a much tastier note.

Disclaimer: I am an independent Epicure Consultant. Epicure has not paid me to write this post. I share my experiences, good, bad and ugly of my own free will.