Once Upon a Time

Oh, wait…that was the intro to last week’s blog. You might want to read that one first. If you already have you know what kind of mess I was in when I arrived in Toronto for a conference last month. I was traveling to attend a bloggers event. Prior to leaving, I had participated in a Twitter Party with the event organizers and sponsors. Because I attended the party my name was drawn as the lucky winner of a Trade Secrets Gift Certificate. Yay me!!!

Photo c/o Upsplash Emily Morter

What is Trade Secrets you ask? Well, it used to be my go-to place for nails, hair, and cosmetics back in the day. Once upon a time is applicable here because that was twenty years ago when I combed the streets of Toronto looking for acting work. I spent a lot of time quaffing myself for auditions and my side Queen Street waitressing gig; the two jobs went hand in hand.

Photo c/o Upsplash Kris Atomic

Trade Secrets Makeover: hair inspired by Hailey

Fast forward to my big win at the Twitter Party! When I received an email from Ashley, the PR manager for Trade Secrets, I told her my story about my connection to the Eaton Centre from back in the day. I also took a chance and pitched the idea of doing something fun and funky with my hair while I was in town. And she went for it! So yes, this is a sponsored post of sorts, but my enthusiasm and love for Trade Secrets are very real.

Especially after I met the stylist that would be in charge of my Trade Secrets makeover. Hailey, pictured above was just as excited about my new hairdo as I was. I didn’t scare her away with the bruises and scars that were riddled all over my arms. Again, read my previous blog for more info on all that. Long story short, I was feeling like crap when I arrived at the salon.

Despite my insecurities, I let everything go and allowed Hailey to spoil me. Right from the moment I stepped inside the salon to the moment I left I was completely taken care of. Boy, oh, boy, did I ever need it! Hailey not only jazzed up my hair, she helped to revitalize my spirit. She endured my tears, broken soul and made me smile again. The chocolate that she so generously passed along also helped. My shero!

Take Me Out

The entire process took a few hours, there was some bleaching involved, a few colours were added. At one point I looked ready for Christmas dinner! “Take me out of the oven, I’m done!”

Hailey took the time to go over each step of her process to ensure I was comfortable. She also informed me about each product as she was using them. Even when I had to sit and let the colour process I was able to relax at their styling bar, eat more chocolate and watch one of my all time favorite shows, Friends. Phebe always cheers me up. Every minute I spent at Trade Secrets helped to improve my state of mind. By the time I left, I felt like a new woman; my look went from turkey to unicorn.

Headshot c/o Mostafa Photography

One of their big secrets…

Trade Secrets is an easy recommendation for me. I cannot wait to go back. If you live in Toronto give them a call, and of course, ask for Hailey. If you do not live close by but would like to try out the products above please check them out online. The crew at Trade Secrets are a dream to work with. One of their big secrets is fun!

Thanks Ashley for hooking me up with Hailey and for sending me this great pic of the two of us from the BConnected Conference. Life as a unicorn is much more enjoyable.

Disclaimer: Thoughts, opinions and some photos are my own. Thanks to Upsplash for providing stock photography. Thank you, Mostafa Photography for providing the kickass head shot. Ms. Ashley took the photo just above. Thanks to BConnected Conference for making this all possible in the first place. And thanks to Hailey for being so fraking awesome. Trade Secrets you have once again made me feel glamourous.