Okay, I know. This is the second Guest Blog post in a row. I haven’t lost my mojo, I swear. I am focusing my writing in another direction. Which is why I am allowing my platform to be taken over by some fierce females. I am still receiving great feedback about last months post from Laurie Burns on Self-Care on a Dime. Self-care never goes out of date.

This month, however, I am opening up my blog window to someone very special. The Social Introvert is the brainchild of someone that I knew as a child. In fact, I used to babysit her. Back then I called her Nessa. Now grown up, Vanessa has babies of her own, a full-time career and a profitable side hustle earning her the title of entrepreneur. Yes, she is all that and a bag of chips!

I quite enjoy watching Vanessa raise her two daughters’ back ‘ome in Newfoundland via social media. Watching her little girlies grow up is a wonderful treat since I am so far away. Vanessa for sure has her hands full but she also knows how to keep them looking flawless while running her own natural beauty business.

Recently she added blogger to her list of passions. Please help me welcome newbie blogger, Vanessa B, The Social Introvert to Gettin’ Fresh with R.H. Downs.

The Motherhood Realm

I somehow fell into the role of mompreneur. I started my own journey as an entrepreneur in my early twenties. Then I landed in the motherhood realm. My life separated into a couple different pieces that I couldn’t seem to incorporate together for a long time. As much as I loved being a new mom, I felt as though there was still something missing. Something for me. Just me.

Life is busy. Everyone is busy. I absolutely get it. I don’t magically have more hours than anyone else; even though I wish I did. I just juggle life and keep my head afloat like all the other moms out there. In the words of one of my fellow mompreneurs, “it’s not easy, but it’s simple.”

Motivating Mompreneur: 

Five Baby Steps to Embracing Motherhood while Building a Business

If you want to be a successful mompreneur here are my Top Five baby steps to embracing motherhood while building a business. And of course, these are also my top five tips on how to keep your sanity. Let’s keep it real, my state of mind is really what is most important overall. And yours too.

1.Find something you are passionate about

I would never be able to have the success I have without being passionate about what I do. Pick a business or a hobby that you wake up to every day that you can fall in love with. It’s like your baby, but without the diapers. You nurture it, help it grow and love it unconditionally through the good and the bad.

2. Find the time…I know, I know, we don’t have ANY time. But, we do. We may not have large chunks of time, but we have short bursts where we can be productive. Somedays I spend 5 minutes working while other days I get a half an hour. I never get the chance to work more than 30 minutes, that would be like hitting the jackpot. Other times I spend 10 minutes working during my lunch break or I spend 15 minutes working while the kids play together. It varies. That’s the beauty of being your own boss. You get the luxury of choosing YOUR hours (or minutes). Time is something that I struggled with as a mompreneur. I found it very hard to accept that I may not accomplish everything on my list. I have learned to take incomplete tasks and move them over to tomorrows ‘to-do’ list. Much like the laundry, if you don’t get it done today, it’ll still be there tomorrow. 

  1. Find something that makes you money but let’s face it, love doesn’t pay the bills. Chances are if you’re a mompreneur (or are considering it), you need the money for something in your life. Whether you need the money as a main stream of income or it is just your fun money, either way, you want it. If your business or (hope-to-be-business) is costing you money on a regular basis without any actual profit, let’s face it, it’s a hobby, not a business. A business brings you income. If all your hard work doesn’t return a profit, it’s time to reconsider where this is taking you. Money is a motivating factor. Money will help you find the time. Money will let you stay up an extra 20 minutes after the kids are in bed to build your empire.
  1. Never stop growing. To clarify, I don’t mean eat all the cupcakes and grow. I mean intellectually. Spend time each day to work on personal development. You deserve this time and effort of discovering yourself or learning about business. I spend at least 15 minutes each day reading or listening to personal development books. Audiobooks are at the top of my list these days; I listen to them in the car on the commute to work, I listen to them while I’m loading the dishwasher, I listen to them any and every chance I get. My range of topics varies by my mood once I finish a book. I love all business related books but I also listen to finance as well as books to build self-confidence, deal with anxiety and to just overall be a badass mompreneur and woman!

Now Number Five …

Be You

Last, but certainly not least. Be YOU! Yeah, that sounds a little cheesy. But aside from being a mom of two, a teacher, a business owner, a blogger and being involved in about 20 other hobbies, I am still Vanessa. I still need to relax and take time to breathe. Some days I need to give myself a time out and realize that without my sanity I would be nothing.

If I didn’t take time to understand my own strengths and weaknesses I’d never survive this rollercoaster of life. In the meantime, all I hope is that my sass and stubbornness keep me afloat. When life, motherhood and a business feels like it’s overwhelming you, just know that you’ve got this. Remind yourself that you are here to be a badass mompreneur. Regardless if you are a social introvert or not. 

Thanks for taking time to read my post. Vanessa B.


Giving Thanks

A big heartfelt thank you goes out to Vanessa for sharing her thoughtful advice. Juggling motherhood and having a career is never a straight path but sharing our stories, both good and bad, will help lead us together. You can read more of Vanessa’s work on her own blog, The Social Introvert. Or follow her on Instagram. You can also find out more about her life as a Seacret agent by joining her on Facebook.


Penny for your Thoughts

This space is for you too. Tell me, either through a private message or comment below, about how this advice helped you. We all have stories to share and I would love to hear yours.  