The Place to Stop, Shop and Supper on your Next PEI Road-trip

After visiting By The Roadside Gallery and Cafe, located Augustine Cove, PEI, I felt compelled to write. There are a million little things about this place that will make you appreciate the authenticity of this small town shop. The owners, Bill and Cathy Gallant, are a husband and wife team with skills that will make your sense of wonder come alive.

Bill and Cathy’s Excellent Adventure’s in Hooking & Carving

Bill Gallant, an awarding winning wood carver, and all around seafood chowder master is a quiet soul that will never give up his grandmother’s chowder recipe. Trust me, I tried. Even his wife Cathy is not allowed near the pot when he is boiling up his magic broth. Cathy seemed content to stay away; she too is as busy as bee, creating one of a kind rugs and other crafts that keep her online business flourishing.

Between to the two of them, they have created a gallery that not only supports their own artistic flare but other Maritime art can be found inside as well. Enjoying life and the little things is what makes this couple as special as the items that they have on display.

Enjoy a Good Brew while you Browse

The cafe serves up a fine assortment of organic and free trade coffee and teas and baked goods. Their heart and thoughtfulness can be found in every detail. I recommend grabbing a cup when you arrive. It will give you something to savor while you browse the shop.

Every nook and cranny has something unique to offer. Both Cathy and Bill were gracious enough to answer my many questions about the special pieces that caught my eye. I walked away with a few bibs and bobs to mark the occasion.

What about that Chowder

Yes, back to the chowder. I have had my share of seafood, frankly, I cannot get enough. Bill’s chowder, however, will have me judging every other bowl by his standards. Not too creamy, not too thin, it was just right. Filled with five different types of seafood, from lobster, scallops, fish, and more fish, my bowl was not big enough to satisfy my new found love.

For the non-seafood lover (my husband) they whipped up a fresh Caesar salad and BLT that made him forget that I was eating seafood again (he is not a fan). The kids enjoyed freshly made sarnies and crisps accompanied by a blueberry lemon muffin for the road, made by Cathy herself. Before we left, a local came in especially for her cinnamon rolls.

Prince Edward Island Awaits

I would have never discovered this place if Travel Maritimes had not sent me on assignment to write about Treetop Haven, a dome away from home. You can read more about sleeping in the trees by clicking here.

Hookey by Cathy

No, this post is not sponsored by PEI potatoes or otherwise but I feel the need to disclose and thank Travel Maritimes for the opportunity to play on the island. And a big thank you, of course, goes out to Bill and Cathy for their superior hospitality. By The Roadside Gallery and Cafe is already on my list for my next visit. This cozy shop will fill your belly and make your heart smile. Be sure to check out their Facebook page for their hours of operation.