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I am participating in a blog hop with ECM Media this week. Please check out the other posts once you are done reading my recap of a day spent by the seaside. Have you visited Oceanstone Resort yet? If not, I am betting you will want to after reading our blogs.


Just an Oceanstone away: revisiting magic

When offered the opportunity to spend a day at Oceanstone Seaside Resort, I immediately said yes; even without checking my calendar. It had been too long since my last trip to Indian Harbour. Three years in fact. I did not realize that so much time had passed until I found the last post I had written. Way back when ‘Gettin’ Fresh’ was writing from her E11ephant Room. My, how time has escaped me.

The Captain Calls

Despite my many visits, this was my first time touring the place. I had admired The Captain’s House from Dovekey four years prior. It has the best view, and room enough for eight. Making it the perfect size for a wedding party, or family celebration. This oceanfront property not only has unique cottages to suit all sizes but they offer inn rooms and suites as well. Even pets are welcomed (for certain spaces, check with them when booking). There is also a family friendly restaurant on site, the rhubarb. Don’t let its sour name fool you, there is nothing bitter about this place.

Art and Flavour

When you dine at this lovely spot by the sea, the first thing you will notice is their attention to detail; from the art on the wall to the snuggly salt and pepper shakers on every table. As for the food, sourcing local ingredients is the pride of their menu. Thankfully one does not have to stay at Oceanstone to enjoy these fine fares. Check out their current menu online by clicking here for more details.

Slicing, Dicing, and Everything Enticing

Even though we did not get to dine at rhubarb this time around, we did get spoiled by the onsite staff from Oceanstone. Because I could not choose between the grilled salmon and chicken, I had both. These tasty delights were the bookends to my fresh salad. This is where I fill you in on ‘the why’ part of this trip. The amazing ladies from East Coast Moms Media put together a content creation social media workshop that included food! Of course I had to be there!!!

A couple of pro bloggers/Insta-stars were on hand to help with the slicing and dicing. Thanh from Love and Sundays and Kayla from Short Presents are even more adorable in person. I am always a little star-struck when I get to spend time with Kayla. She is the loveliest person I have ever met. Seriously!

The photos to the left were taken by Tanya Canam Photography. Oceanstone thought of everything when they brought Tanya on board to take photos to share with our group. As I swiped through her online gallery, I was struck by how she was able to capture the magic of Oceanstone reflected in my expression. I put together just a few of her shots below as well. Tanya found me lost in the moment while I fell in love all over again with Oceanstone.

The Sisters are Calling

Trying to absorb it all while also taking my own shots for this blog was a struggle. I wanted to lose myself completely. Which means I must go back, and soon. The resort is only a forty-five-minute drive from home, there is no excuse. This visit reminded me why I will not let another three years go by without checking in. And not only at Oceanstone but with myself. My writing has gone to the blogs these days. I have not been devoting enough time to my novels; Sisters of Avalon transformed from script to novel at The Pines, making Oceanstone extra special. And that was only the beginning. There is so much more to this story. I forsee a stay at Hollyhock 3 in my near future. The sisters are calling.


I was invited to this workshop by the ladies from East Coast Moms media. They asked me to share my thoughts on our visit, but it was not mandatory. No one paid me to write this. Oceanstone treated us with the greatest of care while we were there. Just as they have on all my prior visits. Which is why I felt compelled to blog about it. The opinions are my own, as are most of the pictures except for those taken by Tanya Canam Photography. I used them with her permission and with much gratitude. Big thanks are also going out to rhubarb and all the staff at Oceanstone for making our day with them perfect.