The Need to Blog

Oh me, oh my! My body is rebelling. The big changes in my diet are shifting things around on my insides. I am detoxing, in a friggin’ big way. For the last month, I have been struggling. I haven’t shared this with a lot of people. But I am sure a lot have noticed that they have not seen me out and about as much. In fact, I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to tell this part of my story; it’s not the fun stuff that everyone would rather read about. Tonight, however, I feel the need to blog about it.

Photo c/o Upsplash Danielle Macinnes

Well, sorta! Honestly, I don’t know where to begin! It started with a tiny rash, four doctor visits later and a trip to the emergency, I can’t get it all out tonight. There is too much. I will share all the rashy details later. The long and short of it is this, I have not been feeling well or getting the best care possible. But, for now, things are manageable as long as I take really good care of myself. Good food, lots of rest, and plenty of water are more important than ever. And I have been resting. I have been resting A LOT, and that’s great but I am going stirrrrrrrrr crazzzzzzzyyyyy!!!


That is where Bconnected comes into all of this. No, that is not a spelling mistake, it is a bloggers conference! Go figure. The BlogJam Atlantic team and I are heading to Toronto to sit on the other side of things for a change. We are looking forward to making a lot of new connections. Thinking about all the great inspiration we will be surrounded by gives me a big energy jolt.

I have spent the last week writing and rewriting lists of what to pack and of course resting to ensure I would be well enough to go. And I am. I am ready to put myself out there, bruises and all. I am ready to crawl out of my itchy skin to allow growth and healing to happen. A weekend with my blogger gals is exactly what my mental health needs right now. My soul needs a thriving creative atmosphere, Bconnected will be just the place for that. I know it.

I look forward to representing the Maritimes along with my east coast blogger tribe. And not to worry friends, I will be wearing HOME on my sleeve as well. My Newfoundland roots will for sure be showing.

Speaking of roots, Trade Secrets Canda will be giving me the VIP treatment before the conference! I cannot wait to let them spoil me. It’s been a long month. I won a gift certificate from Trade Secrets CA at a Bconnected Twitter party. I feel truly blessed to be part of such a great online community. While laying home on my hiney, my online world helped to keep me sane.

And yes, I promise to tell you all about my itchy bits later! Wink, wink…

Disclosure: Ah yes, while the products and companies mentioned above have given me wonderful gifts to help me feel fabulous again, they have not in any way sponsored this post. Everything written is of my own free will. But I must thank Made in the Maritimes, My HOME Apparel, and Trade Secrets CA for helping make my first Bconnected conference extra special.