My Epic Story

First BirthdayMy Epic Story began over 13 years ago when I first became a mom. Every morsel of food that I put forth from day one of my son’s birth was carefully thought out. My breastfeed baby grew up with a healthy appetite. When momma’s milk was no longer enough, I began making food from scratch. When he began eating what mom and dad were eating I became even more diligent. Reading labels in the grocery aisle gave me a lot of food for thought.

Knowing Where our Food Comes From

All of a sudden I became very aware of every ingredient found inside all prepacked items. As I dug deeper I began eliminating most of what was coming into our home. When I researched the ingredients found inside taco seasoning for example, I was shocked at how very little of anything good could be found inside. When a friend introduced me to Epicure those 13 years ago, not only was I able to start bringing some of our favourite meals back, but they began tasting better than ever. Knowing where our food comes from is more important than ever. Especially when “80% of all chronic disease and premature death is preventable with healthy living.”

My Epic Story

Epicure’s Story

When Sylvie Rochette founded Epicure 20 years ago, she too felt the same as I did when I began raising my family. Sylvie wanted to feed her family healthy, delicious meals without having to guess what she was feeding her children. Because of Epicure’s story, I became a life-long customer.

My Epic Story

Inspired Opportunity

Good Food Real ResultsI never imagined myself as a direct seller until last year when I was experiencing some of my own health issues. I needed to make some big changes. I was skipping meals, not sleeping, and my mental health was suffering because I was in a job that was quite literally sucking all the good out of me. It was in the middle of all that, I was completely out of Epicure’s salsa dip mix. What a tragedy. Hee hee. A good friend was hosting an Epicure cooking class so I placed an order. When she suggested I have my own cooking class I said yes without hesitation. I was desperate for some inspiration in the kitchen and quite frankly everywhere else in my life as well.

Inspired OpportunityMy consultant Ang, not only allowed me to stock up on some great new products but she inspired me to take a leap of faith. Three months later, after trying out Epicure’s Good Food, Real Results program I knew I wanted more Epicure in my life. During that time I also found a way out of my soul-sucking job, but it was not enough to pay the bills. Epicure came along just at the right time. This inspired opportunity supplements my income, it gives me the freedom to be my own boss and it allows me to help others. Being of service is the greatest gift that I can give my community; Epicure has launched my career into a whole new playing field. Feel free to join me, I highly doubt you will ever regret it.