Morning Smoothie Madness

Who doesn’t enjoy a good smoothie? They are a staple for my picky eater; a great way to get him to eat stuff like kale, which he would never do if I gave it to him in a salad. Smoothies are fun, packed with nutrition and a great way to cool down during those long hot summer days. You can even make them into a beautiful smoothie bowl when trying to impress the neighbours!

morning smoothie

When I embarked on my Epicure, Real Food Real Results healthy eating adventure I didn’t really like the idea of adding protein powder to my smoothie. But my Epicure consultant, Ang, reassured me that it would not taste all that bad. She felt the same when she started the program. She recommended I try it with an open mind.

Morning SmoothieI got all the ingredients ready and so it began. My first sip didn’t impress me much, but it didn’t make me gag so I tried another sip, still not convinced. I didn’t want to throw all those yummy ingredients down the drain so I got to thinking, what would make this better. Ice! I added 3 ice cubes and gave it time to chill. When it was cold it became much more enjoyable. I also decided that I would play with it a little, less nut butter next time; maybe a frozen berry or two more.

If you try it yourself don’t give up after a few sips. Play with it until it’s right for you. Just my opinion of course. Epicure is not paying me to write this but they should because so far I am loving my ride on the healthy train. I feel much more awake than I would if I had coffee this morning instead. Which I didn’t. But I still may cave and get a decaf later.

Epicure protein powder

My only pet peeve (I was sure to find one) is that their protein powder comes in a large container but it is only filled half way. I hope they sell it in bags to refill the container; seems like such a waste to me otherwise. Especially for a company that is very eco-friendly. I did send them a tweet asking about this, they have not responded yet but they are out west which means they are still in bed while I write this.

Since writing this blog Epicure has decreased their container size. What a smart company!