Ronald McDonald House HalifaxMcHappy Day

It is McHappy Day!!! Will you make your coffee count today? Why should you support Ronald McDonald House Charities? I am glad you asked.

I recently had the opportunity to visit the Ronald McDonald House located in down town Halifax, Nova Scotia. What an honour. My heart was full by the time I left.

Approximately 135 volunteers and 8 staff members help keep this miracle home resting on a solid foundation of love, hope, and charity.

Once the red door opened I was immediately welcomed in by Beth, the family services coordinator. Her dedication is deeply rooted in a calling that came from a sacred place, her heart. The smile that she wears for each and every precious soul that walks through that door radiates authenticity.

Beth led me around the house, showing it as if it were her own; taking pride in the great care that goes into each task. There are many giving hands at Ronald McDonald House.

A Very Sick Little Girl

Even while touring this magnificent home I silently prayed that my children would continue to grow up healthy and strong. It is every parent’s wish. But sometimes the unthinkable happens. Our children become ill and require our attention for every minute of every day. I was that kid once upon a time. I was a very sick little girl. My mother traveled 7 hours on a bus to get to the Janeway Hospital in St. John’s, Newfoundland. My mom had a family to help her through that time. But imagine for a moment if she didn’t?

The stress alone from watching our children suffer is more than any parent should have to bear. It is reassuring to know that there are programs in place that can help. Ronald McDonald House prides itself on making their home yours while caring for a sick child away from home. When you are miles away from everything you know, the last thing you should have to worry about is where you will lay your head and feed your soul.

Steps Away from the IWK

Their pristine kitchen allows volunteers to prepare a nourishing meal for families, feeding over 8000 people in 2015 alone. They have 14 rooms that look and feel just like home. Not to mention a fenced in playground, family room with hundreds of books and toys, and laundry facilities. Ronald McDonald House is of course wheelchair accessible and is only just steps away from the IWK Health Centre.

Canadian tradition

McHappy Day is truly a Canadian tradition dating back 23 years. It is now a worldwide event. Today think about trading in your regular cup of coffee for a McCafe. The Happy Meal is also at the heart of this McHappy day.  A dollar from all these purchases will go directly towards local children’s charities. Please know that your contribution is more than just a dollar. It becomes part of a bigger story where a red door opens and caring begins.

Photo c/o Upsplash Andrew Branch

If you cannot make it out today, there are other ways to help. Drop your small change into the coin box the next time you visit McDonald’s. Or check out their Wish List to see where help is really needed.  And know that it is not always your dollar bills that can make a difference. Signing up to volunteer at the house is always appreciated. Or better yet, find a group of your pals and participate in their Home for Dinner Program. I am certain that I will be back to help stir up some magic in their beautiful kitchen. Trust me, experiencing magic while you are there is inevitable. When love builds a home such as Ronald McDonald House, it cannot help but make wishes come true.

Photo c/o Upsplash Sarah Mak

I was given this opportunity when pro blogger Colleen O’Dea invited volunteers to join her. I immediately said yes because I needed to get back on the blogging horse. Writing about something other than myself felt liberating. And it was also very easy for me to support a charity that helps kids. Please check out Colleen’s blog post. She is a one inspiring lady.