From time to time I can feel myself being pulled towards something, an energy that is far greater than me, and even though it cannot be seen I make a conscious decision to go towards it.  Call it God, the Universe,  the Devine or what have you but either way I listen because to ignore it would be a sin against myself.

Three years ago I answered a similar call and found the words of Dr. Wayne Dyer and because of him I am now living a more fulfilled life.  I am a spiritual being living  a human life and I have a dharma to fulfill and believe that God is flowing through me.  My God does not subscribe to any one religion but encompasses all and can be defined by one little word, love.  To love is set yourself free from all that holds you back, jealousy, revenge, grief, these emotions  hold us back from living a life far greater than we can even imagine.

Even with Dr. Dyer’s words to guide me I sometimes still end up in a funk.   Lately I have been feeling stuck, like there has been something holding me back.  I feel like my energy is being blocked by something and it will take more than my morning fiber to release it.   In times like these there is only one thing to do, mediate and ask for guidance so I did.   What appeared almost instantly in front of me was Gabby Bernstein.  She was coming at me through, Facebook, Twitter, emails from Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra.  Gabby Bernstein is an inspirational teacher who lives her life guided by A Course In Miracles.  If you are interested enough in what I am writing about you will look it up and find or not find something in it for yourself.

I soon found myself answering the call of the energy that was pulling me and picked up Gabby Bernstein’s book titled “May Cause Miracles” described as “A 40-day guide-book of subtle shifts for radical change and unlimited happiness.”  I am only on day two but after day one I felt compelled to share my journey.  My mantra for day one was replacing fear with love.  Throughout the day yesterday whenever I felt fear guiding my decisions or trying to take control of my emotions, I repeated my mantra until I felt the fear slip away.   And it worked.  Despite all the stress that was circling me yesterday I still managed to get through my day feeling a little less stuck than I did the day before.

Day two started with a little bump in the road and I felt myself slip a little until I read my mantra for day two, I am willing to see love.  When I say these words out loud something begins to shift and I stop all the other silliness from seeping in and taking over.   My stress still exists but I do not give it the power to control my mood, my day or my life.  I have faith that these few little words will help guide me, I am willing to see love.

There are 38 days still ahead of me and I look forward to unblocking whatever it is inside me that feels trapped.  I know it will free itself and in turn I will feel whole again, ready to climb the mountain that is my life.   Beauty, love and hard work lay in wait but with teachers such as Wayne Dyer and Gabby Bernstein by my side I know I am on the right path and you are all welcomed to join me.


R.H. Downs