On a Monday Night

The chill in the air made me pull closer to the tall man by my side. We were out on a Monday night, which was rare; MADE WITH LOVE had us both intrigued. Trying something new keeps a relationship fresh which is why the tall man by my side was my husband of fifteen years.

Clara Clara

A thumping beat greeted us as we approached the Halifax Seaport Market. I should have worn a dress was my first thought; it was a fancy affair. Instead, I layered up for the weather. Once inside, my chill was soon cured upon sipping Emily Orr’s Clara, Clara.

Little did I know that my first selection ended up being the public’s choice for favourite drink at this ultimate cocktail competition. Emily, from Field Guide, is one of two winners that will be representing Halifax in the National MADE WITH LOVE finals that will be taking place in May 2018 in Ottawa.

Drum Roll Please

Throughout the evening esteemed judges made the rounds with clipboards in hand tasting every cocktail along the way. I cannot imagine this being an easy job. There was a lot going on in that tiny corner of the market.

In the end, the judge’s choice was Marika Bouchard from The Black Sheep Restaurant. Her cocktail, Goodmorrow, won them over with its crisp flavour and Campari punch. The Food pairing: Campari braised lamb neck slider most likely weighed in on the win as well.

In it to Win

Both ladies will be competing to win one of the 10 trips in MADE WITH LOVE partner’s distilleries as well as the title of best Barchef in the country. These ladies are in it to win it, be sure to congratulate them if you get the chance.

“Halifax has a unique cocktail community and we can’t wait to see what Marika and Emily will present us in May!”


What I Loved Most

While I was invited to attend on behalf of MADE WITH LOVE, my opinions are my own. Of course, I am sending big congratulations out to the winners, however, my personal favourite happened to be The Queens Orchard by Shannon-Blue Nanibush.

The Queens Orchard drew me in immediately; I saved it for my last stop of the evening. The decor and theme had me at first glance. I was a little unsure about the cocktail itself, I am more of a gin gal with my tequila days far behind me. The tarty heat tantalized my taste buds declaring it the winner in my very own Grimoire. Afterwards, I grabbed my date and headed home with love and The Queens Orchard on my mind.

Much Love

I would like to send gratitude out to everyone at MADE WITH LOVE for including me in this exciting night out. I will be sending much love out to the winners in May when they compete for this coveted title. Big love going out to Michelle Doucette photography for allowing me to use one of her shots of Shannon-Blue Nanibush pictured above. You can also check out Michelle’s featured post on MADE WITH LOVE here. Enjoy.

Please remember to drink responsibly and never drink and drive.