Something for Everyone

Kitchen Door Catering will soon be turning ten, despite me only realizing they existed a short time ago. It took one visit to fall in love with this place. What I thought was a traditional food service establishment, is nothing but. Located in Bedford, Nova Scotia, Kitchen Door Catering has something for everyone.

My latest adventure at Kitchen Door Catering involved a mom and daughter cooking class. My mother was visiting from out of province for an early Christmas celebration. Besides gettin’ busy in my own home while baking up a storm, I treated her to a night out with Chef Ben as our expert instructor.

For Starters

Once in the door, the staff welcomed us with nibblies and wine. We enjoyed these delicious treats while getting to know the other attendees. We could not help but admire the well-organized butcher’s block that awaited us. Some seemed a little nervous while I felt right at home.

Our stations were set with our starter ready to be created. We made a salad dressing from scratch with quality ingredients, of course. The Apple, Brie and Walnut salad was both scrumptious and easy to put together. I will make this again but will freeze my brie and grate it on my salad as recommended by Chef Ben.

Fold and Tuck

Our main course included quail. My mom had never tried this type of pheasant before. She whispered a few remarks about stuffing her “small bird.” Good thing she was not drinking wine because the night could have gotten really interesting. When we were told to fold and tuck the quail’s legs we both had to hold in our childish laughter. Things got really silly when chef whipped out his tray of large carrots.

On to the Sauce

While mom stuffed her tiny bird, I had the privilege of cooking with gas. I was drinking wine and a little worried about gettin’ on the sauce while prepping the cranberries. It did not turn out as bad as I feared. In fact, I think I will make this traditional trimming exactly the way Chef Ben showed us for my own holiday dinner. It was the best I have ever tasted.

His vs Mine

What do you think? Can you tell which one Chef Ben made? Which one would you say is mine?

Chef Ben is very much a professional. It not only shows in his own creation (pictured on top) but it showed in his students work as well. He was a patient teacher making sure everyone was having a good time while learning how to create a classic Christmas dinner.

My own plate (pictured below) tasted as good as it looked, which in my opinion looks equally as yummy. Or at least I thought so after many glasses of wine.

Eating Together

The best part of the night, besides the food, of course, was sitting with the other couples in attendance.

Fast food and eating in front of our screens is far too common these days. When taking the time to eat together you soon realize that there is more to a meal than what is on your plate. Experiencing food is a big part of what Kitchen Door Catering likes to focus on; it is what I love most about the place.

I encourage you to check out their calendar for upcoming events. Or give them a call to find out how you can book your next team building event; their black box challenge is a world of fun, creative juices will flow. They also offer pre-made meals ready to go when you visit their location at 2 Bluewater Road.

What about Dessert

Even though the sweet stuff came at the end of the meal, we actually started making it first. It was the easiest dessert I have made in a while.

We took a 1/2 cup of pumpkin puree, added 3 tablespoons of sugar, a pinch of salt, 1 egg, 3/4 teaspoon of pumpkin pie spice, 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla, 1/3 cup of evaporated milk, a sprinkle of walnuts and whisked it all together.

We added the mix to a 2-3 inch pie tart, then placed the tarts on a baking sheet to bake them at 350 degrees for 15-20 minutes.

Once the pies were baked Chef Ben got all fancy on us: adding the extra pie filling to the plate where he then torched it a little after sprinkling it with some confectioners sugar.

After hand whipping some heavy cream and boiling up his own caramel, we had a dessert fit for any holiday guest.

Stuffed to the Brim

Not only did the quail get stuffed but we all left with very happy bellies. We also were served up a copy of the recipes from the night’s event.

My biggest take away from the night was the memories I made with my mom. We have not spent the holidays together since my dad passed six years ago. Being able to spend time with her at Kitchen Door Catering made our visit extra special.

Sure, we were silly and acted like teenagers while making jokes about large carrots and tiny birds, but we also were able to laugh again. That is not something I take for granted. I will forever be grateful to Chef Ben and the staff at Kitchen Door for allowing us to make memories that will not be forgotten.

If you want in on the fun be sure to drop in or reach out to the team at Kitchen Door Catering. They will be more than happy to help you.

You can also check them out on Facebook every Wednesday night for their live Chit Chat Chop event. That is how I initially got hooked. You can see my own appearance on their show by clicking here.

Disclosure: Kitchen Door Catering gave me a free ticket to attend this class. Opinions, as well as my dirty thoughts on large carrots, are my own. I was not paid to write this post. But I did pay for my moms fee to attend.