I am readyReady! Ready for what you may ask. Well, I am ready for patio season, ready for something FRESH, ready to kick start my ass in gear and of course ready to begin blogging again. Oh I know, here she goes, “tinking she’s someden special,” blurt out the naysayers (but only the ones with a NL accent). And yes, I am, very special indeed. We all are. Treating ourselves with great care is important. There are many that make this look easy, Oprah, Madonna, Sophie Gregoire Trudeau. Yes they have their team behind them which is not the norm for most of us. The one thing that we all have however, regardless of fame or status, is the ability to decide; to make the decision to take better care of ourselves in the best way possible.

That is what I am ready for. That is what I have made my priority in 2016. I know, I know, it’s June already what’s been the hold up. Well, here goes. I took some down time. I took what I needed to get myself in the best possible place to move forward and cultivate change. The kind of change that must be worked on every single day. Now, I am ready.My mug shots

My first step was to take care of my mental health. I put too much on my plate in 2015 and as a result I rang in the new year tired, depleted and ready for help. I went to my doctor, I went to my employer, and I got the care I needed. When I was feeling all better I threw myself a party. But not just any party, an Epicure Kitchen Party.Epicure Kitchen PartyWhen I said yes to hosting my first ever Epicure inspired get together, I had no idea how perfectly aligned it would become with my new blog series titled Gettin’ FRESH with R. H. Downs. I had no idea that their Good Food Real Results program would be just what the doctor ordered; a guide to healthy living and of course eating.

Awesome Ang My Epicure consultant, Ang, informed me that Good Food Real Results (GFRR) only launched in May but that she was part of the bata program; Ang started GFRR in January and has lost over 20 pounds already. Her story, the program, the really good food spoke to me. It jumped at me. And because I hosted a Kitchen Party I was able to purchase the entire system for 50% off!!! A deal too good to pass up.

When my goodies arrived I was beyond ready to get started. Everything I needed to get going was waiting for me. The book Good Food Real Results is not just a recipe book; it is a step by step guide to help and inspire you to make better choices. It has lists of everything you need. It has a place to record your goals. It has weekly meal plans. It has everything carefully laid out to eliminate any excuse that you may want to make to say “No, I cannot do this.” IMG_0780

I can do this. I am doing this. I took the first week and read through the entire book. I made my lists, I cleaned out my cupboards, I started a journal and I did something I have never done before. I had my husband take the dreaded “before photos.” Here they are, my mug shots.Mug ShotYip, that’s my butt! There are my rolls! And I made sure not to wash my hair for the full on grubby look. I know what you are thinking. “Why would you publish pictures of yourself like that?” Well the simple answer is, I am not doing any of this to “look” better. I am doing this to feel better. To feel strong again. I deserve it.IMG_0769

From here I will continue to blog about the program, my struggles, my results, and pictures of all the good food I am eating. I look forward to sharing my Epicure story with you.