Hot and Itchy: Based on a very true story

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time, there was a lady with a neck rash! It got hot and itchy. Seeing her family doctor would take weeks of wait, so off to the walk-in clinic, she went. One crock of ointment later then the hot red rash went away. Or so she thought. One week later an explosion of angry red dots erupted all over her body, one inch at a time.

Twice she Goes

Another month to wait for her family doc meant the walk-in doc would have to do. A different physician gave her another crock of ointment. The lady was scared. Her gut told her the cream wouldn’t be enough. It wasn’t. Another mad, red outbreak, even worse than the last one surfaced. Panic set in and back to the walk-in she went.

Third Time Not so Charming

The same doc as last time was on duty but she didn’t remember the lady from three days before. Not until she revealed her arms. Two minutes later the doc had something new for her to swallow. Something that eventually led to a bleed in her belly. There was no time to call her family doctor.

Fourth Time was Alarming

When the lady arrived alone in the ER she was grateful for the female doctor that had to examine her undercarriage. As for the not so gentle-man that had to take her blood, well that was a very bloody story; one for another time.

Final Time was more Calming

Her arm bruised along with her ego, she left with more pills but still no answers. The ER attending recommended that the lady to see her family doctor right away, once the Easter long weekend was over that is. The lady did as she was told and dragged her warn out itchy body to her family doctor four days later, “She is booking for May 24th,” the doctor’s admin said.

The lady pulled up her sleeves, showed the admin her arms and told her she would not be able to wait four weeks. One hour later she saw her family doctor. Dr. Z was kind and attentive, reassuring the lady that she would help her get the answers she needed. But it would take more time, different pills but fewer crocks of ointment. Her mental health was slipping; she was tired of hearing, “You need to relax.”

The Fifth Time Healed her Soul

Ironically, her monthly massage appointment was already scheduled for the following morning. When the lady arrived un-quaffed for her therapy she was on the verge of tears. She had to reveal the most broken parts of herself to Jasmine, the owner of SOGO therapy. But her healing hands were just what the lady needed to begin feeling whole again.

Not quite the end, but it is where the lady will stop for now.

The moral of this story is quite simple. When our medical professionals do not have the time or all the answers we seek, find another path. And relax.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I wrote this to tell a story and to publicly thank my massage therapist Jasmine at SOGO therapy. Her kind heart was very much appreciated that day. Jasmine helped restore my soul, and then some.

I would also like to thank Holly for allowing me to take photos in her beautiful shop. The last two pictures were taken at Dean’s Flowers located in Halifax. I think you will agree with me that they are far more lovely to look at than the photos of my skin.