Top Ten

What does one get the person that has everything? Why a book of course. Those hard to buy people in your life can make things difficult when scribbling down your shopping list. Allow me to help with my top ten book buys for the holiday season.

Top Five

Being fresh off the Scotiabank Giller Prize bash, I cannot help but recommend this year’s top five shortlisted authors. Supporting Canadian literature is very important to me. To quote the late Jack Rabinovitch, the Giller founder, “For the price of a dinner in this town you can buy all the nominated books. So, eat at home and buy the books.”

If you would like to know more about these five titles be sure to check them out here. This would be the perfect gift for the diehard Canadian lit lover in your life. If my dad were still alive today this would be my gift to him.

Anything by Donna Morrissey

Speaking of my father, the man that nurtured my love for words, one of his favourite author’s was Donna Morrissey. The last book we read together before he passed was her award-winning book, Kit’s Law. My love for her words along with my collection of her work has grown over the years. Her recent book, The Fortunate Brother is my number six pick for this years book buying guide.

If you love Newfoundland fiction no one does it better, in my opinion, than Donna. Her characters are etched in my psyche; they forever stick with me like the gum of an Evergreen. The Fortunate Brother will take you back home and make you ache like you never have before.


Moving on to yet another Newfoundland writer, allow me to introduce you to Vicki Murphy and her mother fumbling ways. What is a Motherfumbler, you ask? Well, it is the perfect book for that new parent who has no idea what they are in for. Or for the parent that needs a timeout and a good chuckle. After all the serious lit mentioned above, this is the perfect title for the person in your life that could use a good potty break.

I am not kidding, lock yourself in the bathroom with this one. You will come out feeling badass and less guilty about all those dirty dishes you have left to do. Vicki Murphy may not be mommy dearest but that is why I love this book. It is real, it is raw and it does not make me feel bad about not always having my $h!t together. Vicki is also my go-to mommy blogger because nothing is ever sugar coated unless it is her vagina. Get ready for some really big words in this page-turner.

The Non-reader

Yes, they are out there, the non-readers of the world. That does not mean you cannot find them a book that they might just fall in love with. My number eight pick for that hard to buy person is Hand Drawn Halifax by local artist Emma Fitzgerald.

I fell in love with Emma’s work after meeting her at Word on the Street. Her creative story told through the drawings of the Halifax cityscape, will leave you wanting more. Good thing she also has a Hand Drawn Halifax Colouring Book. Why not get the set for that local artist in your life?

My Kind of Self-ie

My number nine pick is one that I connect with on a spiritual level. It is the book that I give most often. The author, Dawn Sinclair and her publisher Bahia Askri Makhoul were introduced to me by the universe. I know that sounds kinda artsy fartsy, as my mom would say, but so be it. These two heart workers have a big message that they are spreading across the world.

Self is the perfect gift for anyone. Man, woman, child, its message is universal and one that we all need to be reminded of. I encourage you to buy this book for yourself as well as a loved one.

For the Love of Poetry

Drum roll please, for my number ten pick. Or shall I say, break out the wine glasses. We all have a poetry lover in our lives. I can think of at least five friends that would love to get this book in their stocking. A Glass of Red Wine and a Laundry Basket is best paired with a glass of vino but forget about the laundry. It can wait. Personally, I would accompany this gift with a bottle of Great Big Friggin’ Red. My blogger buddy Jenna also agrees.

The poet behind this work of art, Elizabeth Lively, has become a new friend having worked with her on one of her many adventures in promoting self-care. Elizabeth can help you out a little more with gift giving this season, check out her online business Well Woman Gifts.

One More for the Road

It was extremely difficult to only pick ten books. When I got to the end of my list I realized that I had not included a cookbook. What kind of food blogger would I be without including something to feast your eyes on. Since eleven is my lucky number here is one more for the road. Well, for your kitchen really.

I recently had the pleasure of attending a media event for the launch of Nova Scotia Cookery Then & Now. I instantly fell in love with it. What makes a great cookbook stand out for me are the stories that surround its creation. This collection is one from the history books, quite literally.

“dating back as far as The Halifax Gazette of 1765, and featuring material from wartime newspaper supplement recipes, community cookbooks, and more. Taste of Nova Scotia then matched recipes with Nova Scotia chefs and food-industry specialists, who put a modern twist on the recipes.”

If you are going to buy that special foodie or historian a cookbook this year, Nova Scotia Cookery Then & Now will no doubt impress.

This post is NOT sponsored. These are my honest to goodness top picks and no one paid me to do it. But if you want to get in on my book giveaway, head on over to my Facebook page to get in on the action. Leave a comment on my post for your chance to win.

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