I did not post last week because I was quite simply down in the dumps, for a couple of reasons. But I am feeling much more like myself and I am ready to get going again.

My dad’s birthday was last week and in his honour I thought I would share a piece of his poetry.  April is National Poetry Month after all, and my dad did love to bust a few rhymes from time to time.  I am sharing a piece of his poetry along with one of my own.

God No More

You can live in a dream world and become a product of your fantasies
Never aware of realism or its consequences
You can make yourself believe a lie
And live in limbo all your life
Become your own god, and ruler of your world
Escape into a life of make believe and be content with yourself
But you cannot escape the realism of death
The hold it has upon your body as you slowly slip away
Into a place where fantasy is realism
And you are god no more
Roger E. Hillier
Written under the influence of an unknown drug February 1984

Words on a Page

When you wish upon a star
Voices are left lingering
Waiting, wondering, doubting
If dreams really do come true
Some will stand and wait
While others work while they play
A song that is worth mentioning
For a record that is worth spinning
Many will dance and sway
Inspiration comes to call
While words mingle with the rhythm
That brought them there to fall
A wish it does come true
But not because it found a star
Instead it found contemplation
A random and meaningful observation
R.H. Downs
Written under the influence of the new Joel Plaskett album April 2015