Dining at Gio is an experience not to be missed. Tucked away inside the Prince George Hotel , you will find a restaurant that is not afraid to show off its true colours. Located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, this city by the coast has more than its share of fabulous places to eat, I am still making my way through them all. I have, however, dined at every hotel restaurant in the downtown core. It is a perk of the industry I hover in. Gio sits at the very top of my list for a most pleasurable dining experience.

Gussied Up for Gio

ShoesFirst impressions count; Gio’s simple elegance, paired with the beautiful glass artwork that illuminates the restaurant, will no doubt capture you. The rich colour and strategic lighting put me at ease while I dine in style. Gio is the kind place where you could dress up, or down; it doesn’t matter because the room itself will steal the show. But getting gussied up for Gio is always a pleasure; this girl loves having a reason to wear sparkly shoes!

They Come for the Grub, I Came for the Banana Stand

A place as stunning as Gio does, of course, serve masterful dishes. I always have a hard time choosing. I am the kinda person that usually sticks to ordering her favourite thing. At Gio, that is very difficult. From calamari to Elk, and everything in between, I am slowly making my way through their menu. gioThank goodness Elk really is the last thing listed. I am not ready for Elk yet. But it does come wrapped in bacon, so I will give it a go, eventually. The calamari, however, really is the best I have had in the city. Each bite offers something different than the one before; accompanied with a spicy marinara sauce, fried capers and green olive. Yum!

But let’s face it. If I am going out for a nice meal, I also want to sit, sip and let things settle before indulging in the sinful side of eating out. Gio always feels so much like home that I never want to leave. The staff are very accommodating and I never feel like I am being rushed out the door. They should know by now that I am not leaving without my banana stand!

Gio Banana StandI absolutely have no intentions of swinging away from my favourite dessert choice. Look at that plate! It has everything a sweet girl like me loves to put past her lips. Chocolate brownie, salted caramel, vanilla ice cream, cherry compote, and a side of what reminds me of Brennen’s bananas foster. All topped with a perfectly placed waffle strip. I dream about this dessert.

Gio really is amazing. Not even the influx of cranes and construction can keep me away. Check them out at 1725 Market Street, inside the Prince George Hotel. I highly recommend checking out the lobby bar, Levels, as well. Levels Bar HalifaxTheir cocktails rival Gio’s dessert menu. Ask them for their rosemary, vodka, lemonade concoction. But don’t tell them I sent you. The last time I was there they made over 100 hard lemonades that night. The boys behind the bar got a little tired of squeezing the lemons.

In an effort to maintain full disclosure, Gio, the Prince George Hotel, nor anyone associated with these businesses have paid me to write this blog. I am sharing my own experiences as they actually happened. I have a great love for the city of Halifax; some businesses in the area are suffering because of the overabundance of construction. Let’s do our best to support them. I encourage others to get out and enjoy all that this city has to offer. In fact, my 2015 staycation in Halifax was one I will not soon forget. Downtown Halifax has been very good to me. I have no problem giving them some love right back.