2cf1503f-f253-4d97-abdd-e4c74a9f9bab_resizedDo you remember my once a month blog? Since losing a few blogs recently I have decided to do something a little different. If you want to read this particular post you will have to sign up for my newsletter.

Here is a little teaser from this months gift to you.

“This column is only for those who are NOT faint of heart. Which is why you must sign up for my newsletter to read all my inappropriate ramblings.  My usual once a month column has me gabbing about my missing uterus and/or massive mammaries.

December however, has me in a different compromising position. I feel much older than 40, less fabulous and quite frankly I am just f-ing FULL! Yes, like the majority, I have not been making wise decisions with regards to what I have been putting in my mouth. Food or otherwise. But enough of that.”

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Merry Christmas.