While some wax poetic at the beginning of a New Year, I do not. Declaring to make big life changes just because a number shifts on the calendar does not do it for me. Life hands us moments whenever it wants without notice of what month, day or year it is. It is in those moments that real change occurs.

“No positive lasting change can ever come from a negative judgement about ourselves. And that’s how most resolutions arise.”  Renée Hartleib, writer

Instead of a resolution for 2018, this sacred blog space will be reserved for a little more than just my foodie adventures. It will be a space for love, giving back, and to inform my readers about all the beautiful people that make our world a better place. My end game this time around is quite simply to inspire.

With that being said, the first post of 2018 has to be special. Which is why I am going to take you back to July 2017. I was sent on a writing assignment to visit Mersey River, Nova Scotia. I wanted to share the beautiful scenery with someone. That someone ended up being Bahia Askri Makhoul.

Bahia the Brave

The lady pictured below found her way into my life right on cue; my guiding light was fading and I was searching for a new beacon. What I mean by that is a whole other blog post, one I am not interested in writing. However, to understand what happened at Mersey River I must explain it a little. To put it simply, I was letting fear hold me back from my purpose, from my passion. Bahia, along with her drum Brave Heart, helped me let go of something that was holding me back.

Setting the Scene

When Bahia and I arrived at Mersey River the rain had already determined what kind of day it would be. One pouring with deep emotion and letting go. Washing away fear can be difficult, that is where Bahia and her gifts came in. Crystals, sounding forks, sage and being surrounded by untouched nature made it the most spiritual experiences of my life.

Not knowing can make a person uneasy which is why trust is important. I had faith in Bahia, I knew she would never do anything that would make me feel uncomfortable. I trusted. Allowing myself to just be in the moment was important. Bahia took it from there.

She asked questions, powerful emotions floated to the surface; to be honest I am not even sure I can put into words what did happen. All I know is that by the end of our session, I felt a sense of calm that I had not felt in years. My body felt drained but MY energy had been restored. Fear had been released.

My Resolution

That night I slept under a full moon, in a Tipi with a knowing that I would no longer stand in my own way. My resolution came in a wave of new found confidence and ease. I vowed to let go of what was holding me back. Bahia did not give that to me, it was already there. What she did do, however, was clear the path.

Explaining exactly what happened that day is still quite difficult for me. It was magical, cathartic, divine, calming, meaningful, and something I wholeheartedly recommend to others. Bahia cast light and love upon this world. Her gifts are many.

If I have at least peaked your curiosity I hope you will check out Bahia’s story which she shares on her own website. There is much more to tell but everybody’s story is different. What I seek and what you seek can be both similar and different. Whatever the case, Bahia is there to help.

Giving Thanks

A big heartfelt thank you goes out to Bahia for joining me on my trip to Mersey River. I am and will forever be filled with gratitude to call her a soul sister. Her gifts are boundless. Bahia also provided photography (some via @welcomearms) for this post as well. You can find Bahia on Instagram and Facebook as well as her website.

Penny for your Thoughts

This space is for you too. Tell me, either through a private message or comment below, about someone that helped you. We all have stories to share and I would love to hear yours.  

“Cup of Love” feature photo courtesy of Saleh Ahmad on Unsplash