12 Meals of TradePal

I am back to report on our family foodie adventure with meal 5 of our 12 Meals of TradePal. If you need a refresher on what the heck I am talking about, check out my blog here. In short, this is a food blog where I give my two bites on the food I choose to devour.

Meal 5-December 29

When you want to escape reality and pretend you are vacationing in a faraway place, check out Mexico Lindo. I think our family has a new favourite place. I had been once before and just knew they would love it.

A Family Foodie AdventureWe started with drinks (Bebidas). The kids really enjoyed trying Mexican soda for the first time. I had a glass of the agua freshca which was made with hibiscus. My husband was sad that he could not practice the only Spanish he knows, “dos cervezas, por favor.”

He soon got over the fact that they are not licensed, once the food arrived. We shared a plate of veggie nachos and the four of us were all very concerned about not getting enough. A plate of chips and cheese might not look like much but they were very satisfying; fresh tomatoes, yummy homemade salsa and the silky sour cream was far better than anything I have ever purchased in a grocery store.

I didn’t mention to my husband that the beef for the tacos would not be crumbled meat. The pulled beef would have put him off. But I knew once he tried it he would change his mind. And I was right. The beef, and chicken both melt in your mouth as soon as you take a bite.

Best part, I got my beans! I couldn’t finish them all but I would have been sad if it had not been an option. Along with the Spanish rice, I had two hard shell tacos, with the beans for only $12.99. My oldest had soft shell chicken tacos, hubs had the same as me and my little one had a giant quesadilla.

Family Foodie Adventure

It was nice to sit at the table together, chatting about another country. Culture is important and I want my kids to know what good Mexican food tastes like. It is certainly not the stuff that comes out of an Old El Paso box.

Having meaningful conversations around the dinner table fills my mommy heart to the brim.  There were few bites left once we were all done.

Mexico Lindo also sells a few authentic grocery items brought in from Mexico. With brightly coloured decor and hot sauce galore, it felt nice to fantasize about being on a beach in Mexico; we didn’t, however, have to pretend the food was good. It was actually great, and a place we will return to again. The kids especially enjoyed our family foodie fiesta! Family Foodie Adventure