12 Meals of TradePal

I am back to report on our family foodie adventure with meal 4 of our 12 Meals of TradePal. If you need a refresher on what the heck I am talking about, check out my blog here. In short, this is a food blog where I give my two bites on the food I choose to devour.

Meal 4-December 27th

Jungle Jim's

Jungle Jim’s is a place that feels like home to me. Long before I left Newfoundland for the roar of city life, Jungle Jim’s was about as rowdy as it got when we went out for a night on the town. Y’s b’y! The Hurricane stormed my waters many a time way back in da day!

But that is a story for another time, I’m sure. And it is bringing my accent on full force. Back to our family foodie adventure.

Welcome to the Jungle

The kids love Jungle Jim’s. We only began going there once we signed up with TradePal. We got a little tired of only going to Finbars for our special family nights out. No offense, I believe variety is the best spice of them all. Trying new things is why I have finally settled on food blogging as my thing. There is still so much left to try.

Back to the jungle. For meal 4 I decided on fajita’s and water as a lighter option since I am gearing up for Good Food. Real Results. But what I really wanted was what my husband ordered; crispy chicken burger, fries, and a Belgian Moon. Drool! (The picture of his burger is missing because I ate it. JK, I forgot because looking at it for too long would have made me go face and eyes into it). img_5316

What we all love about Jungle Jim’s the most is the menu; it has many different options for the kids to choose from. They get something different each time we visit. Which is very rare. Most places they have one thing they like and that is it.

The other great thing is the price! In comparison to other family restaurants Jungle Jim’s is very reasonable; especially on Tuesdays! Kids only pay a-cent-a-centimetre! My 9-year-old is getting close to being off the chart. He scraped by with paying $1.48 this week. They cap at 150cm.

I know, I need better food pictures but the truth is I always forget. As soon as the food gets to the table I have to go all in. I just cannot wait. The fajita’s I ordered this time did not cut it, however. I think I wanted hubs burger too much. But honestly, if they added beans as a side they would be far more enjoyable, in my opinion. beans-beans-theyre-good-for-your-heart

My better half left me a big bite of his crispy chicken to help satisfy my craving. It didn’t help, he ordered his plain and I prefer mine dipped in Thai sauce. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciated it. And, I also ate the fajitas. But see, I took a picture this time. Another indicator that it wasn’t what I really wanted. I didn’t dive in, instead, I complained that serving fajitas without beans is wrong. Even the plates are shaped like beans, yet…no beans! Again, I still ate them anyway.


Disclaimer: Jungle Jim’s or its affiliates did not pay me to write this blog. I write of my own free will, good, bad and disappointed by no beans. Just saying…