12 Meals of TradePal

I am back to report on our family foodie adventure with meals 2 and 3 of our 12 Meals of TradePal. If you need a refresher on what the heck I am talking about, check out my blog here.

Meal 2-December 24th

Our second meal of choice was a local we visit often because of its proximity to where we reside. I will admit that is is not a favourite of mine or the kids. Hubs, however, enjoys Finbar’s Bedford, more than us and will often meet friends there for drinks.

Finbars, BedfordThe atmosphere is nice enough, the staff have always been friendly but from my past experiences, the food has never been 100% on the money.  My son’s Caeser salads always come out warm from being left under the heat lamp too long. I have yet to have french fries served properly cooked. And their brunch is a little too bland for me. I like real toast, not soda bread. But again, this is my opinion. I know others that love it there.

For this special Christmas family adventure, I decided to try something new. I went with the curry lentil, veggie burger. And, I loved it. Again, the fries were overcooked which meant they didn’t get eaten. But back to the burger. The patty was a little too flimsy but the flavor made up for it. The warm feta, tomatoes, and delicious sweet punch of curry made it very enjoyable. The best meal to date.

I decided to accompany my lunch with the Finbreeze listed on their cocktail menu. The citrus flavors added an extra burst of flavor which made this trip to Finbars far more enjoyable than usual. I look forward to having it again next time. Yes, we will be back. There are just not enough TradePal places close to home; Finbars will have to do for now.

Family Foodie Aventure

Meal 3-Served on December 24th

Well, since it was just the four of us for Christmas, I really did not want to cook. My partner in crime knew I was feeling down about not sharing the holiday with family and friends. His idea to pick up food late on Christmas eve to serve for dinner the next day was brilliant. And one I really appreciated.

Our Family Foodie Adventure Continues

Another first for us to try was Off the Grill in Dartmouth. Best choice we could have made. Paul, the owner, took my call when I placed our take out order. He apologized for not having chicken that day, which was our first request. I wanted the full chicken to make soup on Boxing Day, but not go. He threw in extra ribs and wings to make up for it.

Family Foodie AdventureMy, oh, my, oh my! Paul wasn’t lying when he said they were known for their ribs. We just had to have one to try once we arrived back home. It was hard not to dive right in. Definitely, something to look forward to on Christmas day.

When we reheated the ribs, wings and served the sides on Christmas day no one was disappointed. Even the non-rib lover couldn’t fight it. (Meat on the bone is not my husband’s favourite).

We all cannot wait to go back to Off the Grill. There are still so many things we want to try. Like the Mason Jar Desserts, and of course, their made to order chicken pot pie. But no doubt we will be leaving with another order of ribs and wings as well. The best I have had in the city, hands down, or shall I say 4 sticky thumbs up!!!

Family Foodie Adventure