St. Patrick Inspires

Two things are happening in my world this week. I am getting my meal planning back on track with the Epicure 28-day challenge. And Friday is St. Patrick’s Day! When I was a wee lass in my twenties I celebrated this day like most, with green beer and more green beer. This time ’round I will be celebrating by sharing my eating clean with green recipes.

Day 1 had me stirring up a new dish with my Broccoli Bliss soup! While Day 2 had me following a recipe for Green Thai Curry, minus a few little changes that I made at the end.

Eating Clean with Green

Day 3 is once again about making a meal that I can cook once and eat twice. During the week, it is important to plan ahead for the next day because I have to eat at work. On Day 2 for dinner, I baked a small piece of salmon in my toaster oven, with minimal seasoning. Mostly pepper (I love pepper)! While my pretty pink fish was slowly baking, I whipped up a nourish dressing.

Paris Bistro

When one hears the words Paris Bistro something fabulous will most likely come to mind. I think of my short stint in Paris as a student when all I could afford to eat and drink was a baguette and red wine. Ahhhhh, those were the days! I can no longer eat bread because it puffs me up. And red wine triggers migraines. Getting old sucks! Which is why I must find other ways to enjoy delicious things without feeling horrible.

Photo c/o Upsplash Hannes Wolf

Paris Bisto is my favourite of all the nourish dressing mixes! It takes 5 minutes to make. The longer you leave it, the better it tastes. Hence the reason why it is on my meal plan this week to have twice. On day 2 I had it for supper while saving half for lunch today! It was even better the second time around.

The instructions involve 

2 Tbsp Paris Bistro

1/4 cup of water (let stand 5 minutes)

2 Tbsp olive oil (shake well & serve)

Day 3

I added the dressing to just my tomatoes along with at tablespoon of low-fat feta. After I tossed it all around, I then added the marinated mix to my greens. Using only a tablespoon of dressing on the tomatoes, I then used a half tablespoon for the salmon. The remainder was used for today’s salad at lunch. Below was dinner last night.

Lunch today was far less plated! I threw it all in a container and away I went. It may not have looked as good today, but boy, oh, boy, it tasted twice as good. Paris Bisto is incredibly flavourful. The garlic and parsley blend adds an intense, rich flavour that always pleases my palette.

It also is a great marinade for chicken, as well as a perfect addition to pizza and pasta. Here is a wonderful recipe for beef ragout if you prefer meat over fish.

That’s it for eating clean with green day 3. Tomorrow, I will be serving up something green and fluffy! No, it won’t be a stuffed leprechaun!

Disclaimer: I am an independent Epicure Consultant. Epicure has not paid me to write this post. I share my experiences, good, bad and ugly of my own free will.