St. Patrick Inspires

Two things are happening in my world this week. I am getting my meal planning back on track with the Epicure 28-day challenge. And Friday is St. Patrick’s Day! When I was a wee lass in my twenties I celebrated this day like most, with green beer and more green beer. This time ’round I will be celebrating by sharing my eating clean with green recipes.

Day 1 had me creating something from scratch. Today I share a recipe so green, that even if you have never cooked Thai food before, it will no doubt turn out just right! Epicure really does make my life delicious. If only they could do my dishes! Ba-dum ching! That is as funny as I get today. My body is detoxing.

Eating Clean with Green

Since I created something from scratch for lunch yesterday, I took the easy road when deciding on what I would prepare for supper. I chose one of Epicure’s 20 minutes-raw to ready meals. Not only that, I cooked once and ate twice; leading me to my day 2 recipe share.

Knowing that I would be eating the same meal two days in a row, I wanted to make sure it would be a dish that would taste even better the second time around. Green Thai Curry was an easy choice.

Eating Clean with Green (Day 2)

Green Thai Curry

The packet makes 4 servings but I only needed two! (No one else in my family was adventurous enough to try it, more for me).

I poured 7 oz of coconut milk (I froze the rest for later) into my wok, turning my burner on medium heat. I added half the package of seasoning and stirred until combined.

Once the mixture was simmering, I added two small chicken breasts, chopped. Once the chicken was cooked (ten minutes later), I added my veggies. 

At this point, the recipe suggests adding lime juice and 1 tsp of soy sauce. 

I did that the first time around but decided it was too “limey” for me. On my second go, I added the lime to my drinking water instead and added an extra tsp of soy sauce (I used the low sodium option, btw, which is why I wanted a little more).

I like serving my curries and stir fry’s with quinoa instead of rice.  “(Quinoa, pronounced ‘keen-wa’ is a great wheat-free alternative to starchy grains. There are two types: red and creamy white).” The colour doesn’t matter much to me. I add my own broths to the pot depending on what I am preparing.

I prepared 1 cup of quinoa and added 1 1/2 tsp of miso broth to the mix for some extra flavour. Yum! Quinoa is a great substitute for rice and packed with far more nutritional value. It is my favourite of all the grains.

Day 2

The best part about this meal is having it again the next day! The sitting time gave the flavours hours to sink in. It is the perfect cook once, eat twice dish.

Disclaimer: I am an independent Epicure Consultant. Epicure has not paid me to write this post. I share my experiences, good, bad and ugly of my own free will.