May 27th, 2015 was the date but the time, well, time stood still for me that night.  I was expecting it to be that way.  I looked forward to the stillness.  It was the third occurence of sitting in the same room as Dr. Wayne Dyer.  His words found me when I was lost some four years ago now.  I happily preach that Dr. Dyer has turned me into a self-proclaimed spirit junkie.

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I shared my first Dr. Dyer experience a couple of weeks back, during a time of remembrance.  My first encounter was life changing.  It was the night my spirit woke up after many years of playing dead.  Five days after that awakening my father passed.  His cancer filled body found peace and his spirit found new wings.


My second encounter came just a little over a year later in 2012.  I had moved through a difficult year of first.  The first father’s day without my dad, the first Christmas without my dad and of course the first anniversary of my father’s passing.  The year of first is a time for not only grieving but letting go of pain.  Dr. Dyer showed up in my life again soon after the year of first was through.  Perfect timing if you ask me.  I sat in the second row that night.  At one point he sat down right in front of me.  I wanted to reach out and hug him but I didn’t want to miss his talk by having security escort me out of the building.

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I knew that my third time seeing him this week would be just as kismet as before.  I splurged and bought myself the VIP ticket as a 40th birthday present.  I rode the bus from Halifax to Moncton in a state of gratitude.  Grateful that this was my third opportunity to hear him speak and grateful that I was well enough to make the journey all on my own.  It was my very own spiritual quest.  My Chakras needed a boost.  I knew a road trip leading to Dr. Dyer would be the perfect cure for my state of flux.

And it was.

As I approached the event area I felt a sudden shift in energy.  I entered a room with 1800 like-minded people.  Butterflies stirred inside of me, I was ready to find my place in row DD.  I made a friend right away with my neighbour Saul, who was there because his daughter bought him a ticket for his birthday.  He said that I was about her age.  He instantly reminded me of two people.  His grey beard and bald head reminded me of a family friend who was taken far too soon just a few months back.  Saul of course also reminded me of my own father.  Our chit chat felt reminiscent even though we had only just met.  I instantly felt comfort in a place I had never been before.


Dr. Dyer was already sitting on the stage organizing his work.  A flock of eager believers (not to be confused with eager beavers) were already at his feet.  Observing the drove of many brought to mind a familiar Bible verse from my childhood.  “And it came to pass, that, as the people pressed upon him to hear the word of God, he stood by the lake of Gennesaret.” (Luke 5:1)


Yes, Jesus came to mind.  But Dr. Dyer does not subscribe to any one religion.  He celebrates life and the spirit of love, kindness and forgiveness.  Many great teachers are mentioned in his work, Jesus is of course one of them. Buddha , Lao-tzu, Joseph Benner and even Oprah’s name was spoken as he took us all down a path of pure light.  That is what I love most about Dr. Dyer; he welcomes all into his fold.

You can find one of his many books online or listen to a lecture on YouTube , as I have done many times.  But being in the same room as him is an altogether different experience.  It’s unlike anything I have ever felt before.  For 3 hours he sat and talked to us, telling stories, reading passages from various teachers and once in a while he would tell a joke.  Tears changed to laughter in seconds.

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His daughter Sky sang a cappella for us twice, sending electric currents through my blood as her voice filled the room.  I was “in the moment” for the entire evening, not wanting to miss a detail of what he had to say.  I will confess that I did not want the night to end as all good things must.  But I got a little extra this time around.  I got my 30 seconds of Dr. Dyer love because I purchased the VIP ticket.  I was number 15 in line to say hello and had my picture taken with the man himself.  Dr. Dyer graciously welcomed each and every being that stayed to say hello.  When it was my turn his arms were outstreatched, his smile was big and bright and he welcomed me as if we had known each other our entire lives, “Hello beautiful,” he said.

“Helloooooo darling,” I replied.

My Mrs. Doubtfire impression tried to surface as it often does when I am nervous or excited.  Don’t ask me why this quirk sticks with me but it does.  I blame it on my theatre training.  In any case, I instantly caught myself from doing a full on Robin William’s routine and proceeded to tell him about my book, that he in essence helped me write.  I handed him a copy with another thank you note tucked away inside.  If his words had not found me four years ago I do not think I would have had to courage to face my grief and fears.  His book Wishes Fulfilled guided me down a road that led me to discover my own burning desires.

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I knew our face to face meeting would only be brief.  I selfishly wanted more time but I did my best to be quick and allow the next person their time to bask in his Divine light.  Those 30 seconds will always be very special to me.  I was able to thank Dr. Dyer in person for all that he has brought to my life.  I don’t know if he will ever read my novel but that’s ok because I know that he will in some way help to find the right reader for it.  I was very pleased with my hug, my autographed copy of Change Your Thoughts-Change Your Life and the picture of the two of us together.  I got more than my share and I feel truly blessed.


I walked away that night filled to my absolute highest self.  God was everywhere and my Chakras are no longer feeling sluggish.  Wishes really do come true.

P.S I would also like to thank the producers at Autopoetic Ideas for organizing this life affirming event.  Namaste.