I recently had the honour of being invited to speak at the Captain Spry Library.  An honour is an understatement really.  I was filled with such an amazing energy when Cheryl Black sent me the email on November 3rd of last year.

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 4.26.33 PMI know getting an email like this might not excite everyone but I am a #BookGeek and #LibraryLover.   An invite such as the one above made my inner child jump up and down.  When I was asked to come up with a more interesting way to talk about #SistersOfAvalon I thought “Hey, this is my chance to speak about how the book came to be.”

The story of the Bride sister’s journey from film script to novel is filed with just as many twists and turns as the tales from inside “the cove.”  I structured my talk at Captain Spry around the spiritual journey that occurred leading up to that day when RedemptionHouse signed me as an author.


When I saw the write up in the Halifax Library’s program guide  it was another one of those moments that took my breath away.  It was real and it was happening.  I would be speaking about a very personal side of myself that I do not usually like to talk about.  When I typed the words, “An Author’s journey through grief and the magic of the written word,” and then hit “send” to Cheryl, I felt a sudden panic.  I put it out into the universe and would have to live up to it despite my apprehension.

But a switch happened just a couple of days before my event.  I had a sudden calm all around me. I blame increasing my meditation practice last week.  I was not nervous like I had been before all my other author readings, I was more stoic about the whole thing.  Even though I had no idea if anyone would come or not.  And if people did show up would they enjoy what I had to say?   It was after all, a Friday at 2pm near the end of January.

I had decided to let go of my fear and accept whatever it was that was intended to come.  But my friend Kim did volunteer to be my one woman entourage just in case no one showed.

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 11.25.51 AM

With Kim by my side I knew that no matter what, the experience would be fun.  Four other women joined my friend and I felt blessed to have their undivided attention.  One of the ladies informed me right away that the last time she came for an author reading it was to see Michael Winter.  For those loyal followers who read my Word on the Water article you will know that meant I would have a tough act to follow.

Another lady in attendance mentioned that she was there because of “synchronicity” and it was then that I knew all would be well.  And it was.  I felt such a great connection with everyone.  Lucky me!  We were all sharing stories along with our laughter and tears.   An hour was up in what only felt like a few minutes.

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 11.25.04 AM

My adventures in writing and publishing my first novel have changed my life significantly.  I am no genius or claim to be better than anyone else.  But I do hope that by reading my story you realize any thing you set your mind to can be made possible.  Plant a seed, a thought and imagine how you would like to see it grow.  Nurture that thought with love and kindness and amazing things will happen.  “Believe it and you will see it.”

R.H. Downs