BConnected Conference: my recharging station

Last week had me rushing through a blog post, after leaving the emergency room just a couple of days before I had to jet off for the BConnected conference in Toronto. I knew going into the conference that I would most likely have to miss some of the networking events. I went anyway. My mental health is as important as the rest of my aging bits which is why the BConnected conference ended up being my blogger recharging station.

Focus on the Good Stuff

The blog post about my current state of healthcare affairs will come next week. For now, I will focus on the good stuff because there was plenty of it at BConnected. The best part, of course, was getting to experience this conference with my fellow rainbow warriors. Kerra and Krista are my BlogJam Atlantic partners in blogger relations. That is just a fancy way of saying that we love working together. Spreading more blogger awesomeness all over the east coast of Canada is what we do for fun. I knew that no matter how I felt, they would both be there for me. Look at those faces! Aren’t we just the cutest?

For most of the weekend, I was coasting on the fumes of all the great energy that surrounded me. There was so much fraking talent in that room. But it was hard to get going at first. Until the coffee kicked in that is. There was a lot of caffeine and water consumed at BConnected. (Side note, the Downtown Toronto Renaissance Hotel has decent sized coffee cups for its guests. As a person that spends a lot of time at venue’s for work, I appreciate more than a thimble full of coffee. Well done!)

Laughing out Loud, In Real Life

My only feedback to the BConnected team would be that they should have gotten those Viita’s out to us older gals before the conference! My chair dancing ways led to a couple of funny Twitter exchanges with another participant by the name of Casey Palmer. This super cool daddy blogger made me “LOL IRL” a few times! I started stalking him before Erica told me to! It was not hard to see why ehm & co was so taken with him after their pitch session. No pitch-slapping necessary, right Casey? (Mr. C.E. Palmer, pictured above, is being actively pursued by BlogJam as a possible speaker. Keep your fingers crossed for us. I can totally see him and Hali-famous daddy blogger Mike T @oneredcatmedia hitting it off.)

Seriously, Follow Dani

When it came to speakers, there were a lot. There is still a lot swirling around in my head. I will share a few highlights for now, and no I am not talking about my hair. The 40 & Fab hair story will have to wait until next week. Speaking of funky hair!  Of course, I noticed the speaker above right away. I had no idea what to expect but I had a feeling it was going to be good! Dani’s social media insights had a far reach for a newbie Insta-foodie like me. I am only in my Instagram infancy (9 months and counting), which is why I found Dani’s advice really helpful. My insta-snories are far more frequent since the conference. But Seriously, follow Dani! 

This picture captures me letting Dani know that BlogJam will be in touch. I will caption this one as “BlogJam wants you!” Mostafa, the BConnect photographer most certainly captured the fun vibe of the conference with his many snaps!

Forsaking Perfection

See what I mean! How sweet is this picture of the lovely Elayna Fernández and her soulful daughters? When Elayna spoke I listened to her every word. “Forsaking perfection” used to be my motto. Then life happened and it got me down for a while. This sassy momma pictured above reminded me that going for what I want is the only option-battle scars, bruised ego and all. My battery was completely full by the time she finished. Her lovely girls took the stage later. I was in complete awe all over again. No excuses people, these gals lite up the room with their grace, confidence and the cutest giggles ever. I encourage you to check out all three ladies. Their message reminded me very much of Dawn and Bahia’s story from BlogJam 2016. And Debbie Adams story from BlogJam 2015.

Pretty in Pink

Leslie Hughes “took sexy back” when it came to making LinkedIn sound more appealing to a reluctant momma like me. I learned a lot of valuable insight about the right way to make meaningful relationships through this less than sassy social medium, IMO. Pretty in pink is an understatement. Leslie hit the stage with a contagious enthusiasm that got me all fired up. Even though she often said, “LinkedIn isn’t sexy,” I was inspired to finally get my own LinkedIn profile up and on the go. If you want to see how the professionals do it, check her out. Mine is a day away from me hitting the publish button. Eeeek! (Disclaimer: KA Social Media and Moz Web Studios have been after me to do this for a long time. But Leslie was the mixture I needed to finally get off my high horse and do it!

Queen B and Company

There is still much more to tell. I have blog content for months to come because of this conference. Knowing how much time, work, and effort goes into planning a conference like this, I will wrap things up by thanking Queen B, Lyne Proulx, Social Media Manager, Sandy Allen and their incredible team for making my first BConnected conference exactly what the doctor ordered.

I wish I could tell you that there will be another BConnected event, but sadly they are calling it quits. Our BlogJam team connected with these two ladies a while back. We are still in grade 3, BConnected is grade 4 for us. (conference reference) Team Unicorn (I am calling us this now, get used to Krista & Kerra) learned more than we could digest all at once. In a strange way, it felt like Lyne & Co. were handing over the selfie stick to us. Their inspiration will no doubt help grow our BlogJam garden; what sweet jam we will make with ‘the bees’ by our side. (Krista, that pun was just for you.)

Disclaimer: I did not get any moula for writing this post. All those named and mentioned were done so of my own free will. But a big thank you must go out to Mostafa Photography for providing all my blog photos this time around. BConnected brought him on board and he allowed all participants to use his photos for our social media posts.