Cranky’s Log:

Day 3 is upon me, and I can finally see the light. You know the one, the bright red burner that heats the kettle to boil the water that must go into my coffee Bodum. Yes, that one. Day 3 of no caffeine and this zombie bitch is ready to eat brains. But seriously, yes, I have been very irritable while treating my body to the gift of the 3 Day Reset with Epicure. But I didn’t give in, I didn’t give up and I didn’t bite anyone’s head off. 3 Day Reset

What the heck am I talking about? Here is the link to get you caught up.

Day 1

My first smoothie was not perfect but let me tell ya, by this morning I had my smoothie tasting so yummy that I would sell them at the market and make a mint. Well, I kid, but you get my drift. Speaking of getting a good drift on, the Senna Chai Tea that is recommended for the end of day laxative treat, was not really my bag baby! Now, I luvs a good mug of tea but this stuff has a black licoricey smell and flavour. I loath black licorice. 

3 Day Reset Epicure TeaBut I drank it. And it worked. 12 hours later I was spending some meaningful time on my throne. But hey, “nuttin wrong wit getting rid of a load or two when you feels full of it,” I says.

Last night I made my tea and while it was cooling I feel asleep and didn’t move until 630am. Best sleep I had in months. And not to worry, even though I forgot it I still enjoyed more quality time with my throne. Things are moving because of all the good food I have been eating.

Day 2

This was the fraking hardest day ever. I was ravenous. When the pizza arrived at supper time for the kids I wanted to eat the box. I didn’t, I made myself some plain popcorn instead. It was not on plan and I am sorry Epicure for not being perfect but it helped. I did not salt or butter it. It was popped in oil and I ate it. I drank so much ice water that I floated to bed. But it got me through. I didn’t eat the pizza, I didn’t drink the wine and I didn’t kill my family. Mission accomplished.


Day 3

With my smoothie already behind me, I look forward to my yummy salmon and salad with balsamic vinaigrette nourish dressing for lunch. The variety of spices that Epicure has to offer helps make my meals enjoyable and satisfying.

3 Day Reset

I am often quite full with smaller, healthier portions. You will see more of my amazing Epicure dishes in the coming blogs. Now that this reset is almost complete I look forward to sharing all the good stuff that is yet to come.