Recharging my Battery at Bconnected

BConnected Conference: my recharging station Last week had me rushing through a blog post, after leaving the emergency room just a couple of days before I had to jet off for the BConnected conference in Toronto. I knew going into the conference that I would most...
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The Need to Blog and Bconnected

The Need to Blog Oh me, oh my! My body is rebelling. The big changes in my diet are shifting things around on my insides. I am detoxing, in a friggin' big way. For the last month, I have been struggling. I haven't shared this with a lot of people. But I am sure a lot...
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Your Vintage Kitchen

My Birthday Month April is a special month for me. The obvious being it's my birthday month!  Along with a few other family celebrations including my father's, and my younger brother's birthdays. Fun fact, my brother was born on my father's birthday 10 days after...
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Time for Cake

With my birthday fast approaching I had to find a way to beat my family to the cake punch, so to speak. I knew they would get me a high calorie, tower of deliciousness that I would have loved. But, I am trying to make better choices. I am doing well with my 28 Day...
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Dressing Up for Less

Dressing Up for Less When I was a city girl and lived one fleeting moment to the next, I hardly EVER stepped inside a grocery store. My townhouse was one block from Kensington Market while my office was two blocks from St. Lawrence Market. City life allowed me to eat...
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Drop Me a Line

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